Scraper Vibrating Conveyor

What Is a Scraper Vibrating Conveyor

The conveyor that is pulled by a scraper chain and transports bulk materials in the tank is called a scraper vibration conveyor. A scraper conveyor is an important transportation tool used to transport materials in coal, chemical, metal, and power plants. It is composed of the middle groove, chain, scraper, and traction system.

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Conveyor usage and installation requirements

The scraper conveyor’s function is to transport coal and materials and the running track of the shearer, so it has become an indispensable main equipment in the modern coal mining process. The scraper conveyor can be used for horizontal transportation or inclined transportation. The inclination angle of the coal seam shall not exceed 25° when transporting along a slope, and the inclination angle shall not exceed 20° when transporting downward. When the inclination angle of the coal seam is large, anti-skid devices should be installed.

Scraper Vibrating Conveyor
Scraper Vibrating Conveyor

9 Advantages of Scraper Vibrating Conveyor

  1. The structure is solid. It can withstand external forces such as impact, impact, smashing and pressure of coal, gangue or other materials.
  2. It can adapt to the unevenness and bending of the bottom plate of the coal mining face, and can withstand vertical or horizontal bending.
  3. The body is low and easy to install.
  4. It can also be used as a track for coal shearer operation.
  5. It can run in reverse, which is convenient for dealing with bottom chain accidents.
  6. It can be used as the fulcrum of the front section of the hydraulic support.
  7. The structure is simple, and the material can be fed or unloaded at any point along the conveying length.
  8. The casing is airtight, which can prevent dust from flying and polluting the environment when conveying materials.
  9. When the tail is not equipped with a casing, and the scraper is inserted into the material pile, it can take the material and convey it by itself.

6 Requirements for Maintenance of Scraper Vibrating Conveyor

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In the application of scraper vibration conveyor in various industries, attention should be paid to maintenance. The specific points are introduced as follows:

  1. Before starting the scraper conveyor, check whether the power supply of the reducer, the traction fluid and the lubricating oil level are normal.
  2. The working environment temperature of the speed reducer of the scraper conveyor should not exceed 40℃, and the temperature rise should be lower than 40℃.
  3. The scraper conveyor should be inspected, repaired and maintained regularly.
  4. All lubrication parts of the scraper conveyor should be lubricated according to regulations.
  5. When the scraper conveyor is overhauled, the gate must be closed before the overhaul can be carried out.
  6. The gate must be closed before the scraper conveyor is stopped, so that it can start without load when it is turned on again, which can protect the motor, reducer and belt and prolong the service life of the equipment.

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