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GD Series
Vibro Screen Separator

Advanced structure, vertical solidity and durability, low vibration and noise, not easy to block holes, high processing capacity, and convenient maintenance

circular rotary vibrating screen
Vibro Screen Separator

GD Type Vibro Screen Separator

GD type Vibro Screen Separator is an advanced screening equipment. The Vibro Screen Separator is driven by an ordinary motor on the base through a rubber coupling to rotate the exciter, so that the vibrating screen produces a spatial compound motion of horizontal motion and swing vibration around the horizontal axis. The material layer in the vibrating screen is sheared and rolled up and down, and the fine particles quickly contact the screen surface and pass through the holes for classification.

GD Type Vibro Screen Separator Application

GD type Vibro Screen Separator is used for the screening of various materials with different dryness and wetness, thickness and weight. It can also be used for solid-liquid separation, waste water treatment, etc. It is widely used in chemical industry, metallurgy, building materials, ceramics, papermaking, Production lines and individual operations in various industries such as medicine, food and feed processing.

Features of GD Type Vibro Screen Separator

Compared with the reciprocating vibrating screen, the GD Vibro Screen Separator has more process adaptability, and has the characteristics of simple structure, low power consumption, low noise and high screening efficiency, which can meet the process requirements of multi-stage screening. The material movement trajectory and vibration force of the type Vibro Screen Separator can be adjusted. The screen has impact device, which is not easy to block, easy to tension, easy to replace, long service life, the discharge direction can be changed at will, the dynamic load transfer to the installation base is small, and the installation and debugging are simple and convenient.

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Parameters of GD Type Vibro Screen Separator

The processing capacity is calculated according to the standard river sand (1.67t/m2). When selecting the type, it is converted according to the specific gravity of the processed material
Vibro Screen Separator
Vibro Screen Separator

GD Type Vibro Screen Separator Order Information

  • GD type Vibro Screen Separator/circular rotary vibrating screen can be equipped with two to four layers of grading screen. When ordering, please indicate the model specification, the required screen mesh requirements, material, hole shape, mesh number, and order quantity.
  • Circular rotary vibrating grading screens exceeding standard specifications can be designed and produced according to user requirements.

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