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DZS motor vibration conveyor

DZS vibratory conveyor

DZS type vibrating conveyor utilizes the vibration of the trough to quickly transport the materials in the trough from the feeding port to the discharging port. DZS type vibrating conveyor systems has the advantages of simple structure, lightweight, low noise, reliable operation, no dust pollution, convenient installation, and maintenance, etc.

dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Application of DZS vibratory conveyor

DZS type vibration conveyor is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemical industry, grain, glass, ceramics, and other industries.

dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Types of DZS vibratory conveyor

DZS series vibratory conveyor has two types: open vibrating conveyor and closed vibrating conveyor. The feeding and discharging of the trough of DZS type vibrating conveyor can also be made into one-point feeding, one-point discharging, one-point feeding, multi-point discharging, multi-point feeding, and one-point discharging, and other types according to the needs. When the conveying distance of DZS type vibrating conveyor is long, multiple conveyors can be connected for conveying.

dzs vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Features of DZS motor vibrating conveyor

DZS type motor vibration conveyor, conveying groove for the u-shaped slot and tubular. The bottom of the channel can be changed to the tilting, the groove can be sealed, can be made into a feed multipoint discharge, or multipoint feeding discharge, discharge mouth can be vertical, side slope form or under bending, discharging mouth valve can be set up various forms. Can be set up multiple conveying or add layer mesh screen. Equipped with a variable frequency regulator, the operation of the speed control can be realized.

Specifications of DZS vibratory conveyor

Model Productivity(t/h) Conveying distance(mm) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
DZS30-250 30 2500 2×0.4 410
DZS30-300 25 3000 2×0.4 490
DZS30-350 50 3500 2×0.75 650
DZS30-400 40 4000 2×0.75 740
DZS30-450 30 4500 2×0.75 840
DZS30-500 80 5000 2×1.5 1050
DZS30-550 70 5500 2×1.5 1150
DZS30-600 60 6000 2×1.5 1250
DZS30-650 50 6500 2×1.5 1350
DZS30-700 40 7000 2×1.5 1450
DZS30-750 30 7500 2×1.5 1550
DZS30-800 145 8000 2×2.2 2400
DZS30-850 135 8500 2×2.2 2550
DZS30-900 125 9000 2×2.2 2700
DZS30-950 110 9500 2×2.2 2850
DZS30-1000 100 10000 2×2.2 3000