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The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor is a highly practical vibrating conveyor, which is especially characterized by long-distance conveying and hot working. The machine has smoothness and reliability in the vibration state.

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The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor has the characteristics of low frequency and large amplitude. Vibrating conveyors with large transport and long distance transport should take advantage of this type of drive.


1. Multi-point feeding and multi-point discharging can be realized in conveying.

2. With good sealing property, the conveying trough body can be made into a rectangular or circular shape, and the inlet and outlet ports are flexible sealed, which can prevent the environment from polluting the materials and prevent the material from polluting the environment. Therefore, it is especially suitable for conveying and sealing. Protected material.

3. The damage to the shape of the material is very small. Because the material is in the continuous rotation movement of the material in the conveying trough, the material will not be squeezed by the external force during the conveying process, so the shape damage of the material in the conveying process is very small, especially suitable for the shape. The transportation of higher materials is required, such as the charging of the activated carbon roaster, the transportation in the sugar process, and the like.

4. A variety of process requirements can be realized during the transportation process, such as dehydration, drying, cooling, sieving, heating, heat preservation, and mixing.

5. It can transport hot material. The stainless steel sealing trough can transport 500°C material when it is ventilated and cooled, and can transport 1000°C material by circulating water cooling.

6. The elastic connecting rod conveyor has simple structure, few lubricating parts, convenient installation and adjustment, low maintenance workload, low energy consumption, safe operation and easy automatic control.


The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor is composed of conveying trough, vibration exciter, transmission mechanism, supporting member and damping system.


The vibration exciter generates periodic vibration force under the driving of the motor, and is transmitted to the conveying trough through the transmission mechanism. The conveying trough generates periodic linear vibration according to the same vibration frequency of the excitation source under the driving of the excitation source, and the vibration force direction and transportation The conveying direction of the tank body has a certain throwing angle, and the material in the tank continuously jumps forward along the conveying surface of the tank under the action of the forced vibration force.

The groove of the elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor vibrates with a certain vibration frequency and vibration amplitude. This vibration accelerates the scattered material in the vibration direction. When the vertical acceleration component of the material particles reaches -g, it is separated from the trough body and along the parabola. As the trajectory advances, the intermittent micro-jump movement of the material belongs to a periodic jumping process. The jumping frequency of the material is consistent with the vibration frequency of the conveying trough, so the conveying efficiency of the vibrating conveyor and the vibration frequency, vibration amplitude, vibration angle and material of the equipment Related to its own characteristics.


The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor is suitable for conveying bulk and powdery materials, such as food, chemical raw materials, quartz sand, ore, mineral powder, cement clinker, etc.

Installation and use:

The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor can be installed in a horizontal or vertical tilting manner. Attention should be paid to the installation accuracy and reliability of each machine during installation. The installation dimensions of the vibration isolation spring and each set of support ornaments, support springs, hinge points, bearing housings, etc. should have good installation accuracy and lubrication. Especially for the position of the excitation direction angle of the drive link and the main vibration spring, the installation of the eccentric shaft is the key to constituting the excitation force source.


The elastic connecting rod vibrating conveyor can be divided into three types: full balance type, double mass resonance type and simple single body type according to the structure type and performance characteristics.

Customers can customize DZS30-300 vibrating conveyor according to their needs.

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