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Double Mass
Vibrating Conveyor

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vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Two Mass Vibrating Conveyor

Double-mass dynamically balanced vibrating conveyors are designed to prevent environmental vibration by the use of a simple structure to prevent vibration from being transmitted to the floor.

An effective balance of trough and counterweight neutralizes vibration, and the equipment is also mounted on vibration-damping springs, minimizing the degree of vibration transmitted to the floor or base.

vibrating conveyor
two mass vibrating conveyor


Double groove dynamically balanced vibratory conveyor is suitable for many industries including biomass, recycling, pellet manufacturing, sawmill, plywood, OSB, food processing, and agricultural industries.

Structure of 2 Mass Vibration conveyor

The conveying trough body and equipment chassis connected by resonance spring, consisting of a resonant system, motor and eccentric connecting rod vibration system is installed in the chassis.

vibrating conveyor
two mass vibrating conveyor

Features of 2 mass vibratory conveyor

  • Fully balanced
  • No external balance beams
  • Adjustable stroke/variable speed
  • Eccentric drive shaft
  • Little reaction force is transmitted to the ground
  • The structure is relatively simple, the high stiffness, low overall height, easy installation, easy maintenance;
  • Long conveying distance, energy consumption is lower than 75dB, noise is less than 75dB, easy to layout and improve the working environment;
  • The damping effect is good, suitable for installation on the floor and steel bracket;
  • Guide and support the swing rod is made of steel plates, the special structure of the elastic hinge connecting upper and lower body, sturdy and reliable;
  • In the conveying trough body with screen, can be in the hierarchical transport and material;
  • By the sealing structure body, to achieve clean transportation, prevent dust.
vibrating conveyor
two mass vibrating conveyor

Principle of 2 Mass Conveyor Vibration System

The vibration transfer the power to the conveying groove through an elastic connecting rod system, cause resonance conveying trough body and chassis, the chassis of the quality for conveying groove, conveying trough body and chassis in resonance steady state, system tuning values can be a spring or weight and stiffness of flexible adjustment, in order to obtain the best working state according to the materials of different density and flux.

The amplitude of the vibration amplitude of the vibration underframe is significantly less than the conveying trough, and the conveying trough body and chassis vibration basic offset each other, so the equipment work generates a reaction force is relatively small, the shock isolation, transfer to the reaction force based will be further reduced, so this type of conveyor has no special requirements on the installation base.

vibratory conveyor
two mass vibratory conveyor

Advantages of Two Mass Vibrating Conveyor

  • Unique structure
  • The upper trough is coupled with the counter balancing structure with direction guide beams and energy storage coil springs
  • The counter balancing structure (which is much more weight than the trough) is supported on the ground with damper coil springs.
  • Reacting force of the upper trough is fully balanced by the lower counter balancing structure, in case unbalanced reacting force caused by materials on the trough or any other reason,
  • It can be re-balanced by the damper springs.
vibration conveyor
two mass vibration conveyor

How to use the Conveyor Vibration System


After the installation and commissioning of the vibrating conveyor, the no-load continuous test run of not less than 8 hours should be carried out.

Pay attention to the changes of conveyor amplitude, working current and noise during operation.

After confirming that there is no abnormality, it can be put into normal operation.

Productivity adjustment

The Double groove dynamically balanced conveyor vibration system is a fixed-frequency fixed-width vibrating conveying device.

If the productivity of the conveyor is adjusted, the opening of the silo gate can be adjusted to change the feeding amount or change the eccentric position of the driving device. To achieve the purpose of adjusting the productivity of the conveyor.

conveyor vibration system
two mass conveyor vibration system


  • During the use of the vibrating conveyor, it is necessary to regularly apply grease (No. 3 calcium-based grease) to the bearing housing and the connecting rod bearing of the drive mechanism.
  • Continuous operation is repeated every two weeks, and non-continuous operation is filled once a month.
  • Always check the fastening of each fastener and replace consumables (plate springs, coil springs, rubber springs and fasteners) for long-term damage (fatigue, defects, aging wear).
  • It is strictly forbidden to operate with illness
  • Pay attention to check the temperature rise (feel) of the bearing part of the drive mechanism
  • If an abnormality is found, it must be stopped immediately for inspection.


Delivery amount calculated in accordance with the calculation of transport sand (bulk density of 1.6t / m3, the moisture content of 5%) level.

Conveyor installation of tank closures, liner and bulk density of the material at different power delivery to be recalculated.

Transmission distance over 15 meters, using segmented structure, site assembly connection.