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Single Plastid Rod Vibrating Conveyor

Single-mass connecting rod vibrating conveyor, suitable for electric power, coal, metallurgy, building materials, grain and other industries, used to complete the conveying process of powder and granular materials, especially suitable for fine powder materials that are difficult to convey, such as fly ash , cement, carbon powder, coal powder, emery, etc., are uniformly and continuously or quantitatively transported from the storage bin or funnel to the receiving device, with excellent transport performance.

The conveying length of the single-mass link vibrating conveyor can be combined as required, and each conveyor is composed of a driving section and several intermediate sections. The conveying length is 6-40 meters. The width of the conveying trough has three specifications: 400mm, 500mm and 630mm.

Features of Single-mass connecting rod vibr

  • Single-mass connecting rod vibrating conveyor has a simple and compact structure, few lubrication points, and the lubrication points are not in contact with the material, and there are no special installation requirements, so the installation is convenient and the maintenance workload is small.
  • Good sealing performance, no pollution to the environment when conveying dusty, toxic and volatile materials, and can realize multi-point feeding and multi-point unloading.
  • Due to the use of the resonance principle of mechanical vibration, the power consumption is low, and the power consumption is one-half less than that of the screw conveyor with the same conveying length and the same conveying productivity.
  • Since the material jumps forward in a parabolic trajectory during the conveying process, the machine groove is slightly worn, and the service life is more than three times higher than that of the screw conveyor.
  • Running noise is not more than 75Db (V).
  • Single-mass connecting rod vibrating conveyor can start frequently and run continuously for a long time under the condition of rated amplitude.