Heavy-Duty Plate Apron Feeder Manufacturers

Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder,
Vibrating Feeder Machine

Heavy duty construction and designed to handle large lumps where no fines removal are required.

Apron Feeder
Apron Feeder

Heavy-Duty Apron Feeder

Heavy-duty apron feeders are widely used in industrial sectors such as mining, metallurgy, building materials, and coal.

The heavy-duty apron feeder is mainly used under the silo and hopper with a certain silo pressure, to convey all kinds of large-volume-heavy materials evenly and continuously to various crushing, screening, and transportation equipment in a short distance.

The heavy-duty apron feeder not only handles coarse materials reasonably but also adapts to fine-grained materials. It can complete heavy work in a harsh environment and has greater adaptability to changes in the particle size and composition of materials, temperature, viscosity, frost, rain, snow, or frozen materials. The amount of material is uniform, accurate and reliable.

During the use of the apron feeder, it is not allowed to unload empty materials and bulk materials to directly impact the surface of the chain plate, let alone blast on the surface of the chain plate. The installation inclination angle is 0~25°, the transmission device can be installed on the left or right, the right transmission is on the right side of the material running direction, and the left transmission is on the contrary.

Apron Feeder
Apron Feeder


  • Robust construction using durable and high-strength materials
  • Heavy-duty ribbed pans are standard
  • Standard crawler-type undercarriage parts
  • Standardized apron feeders as well as specific heavy-duty machines with large handling capacities
  • Sprocket segments are interchangeable and easily replaceable
  • Compact hydraulic or electromechanical drives
  • High-impact carrying capability
  • Lifetime lubrication on rollers
  • Long service life

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Technical Parameters

Model Chute width
Chain wheel center distance
Delivery capacity
Chain speed
The maximum particle size allowedmm Motor Power
GZB1800-8 1800 8000 240   800 30-45 52000
GZB 1800-9.5 9500 58000
GZB 1800-10 10000 59800
GZB 1800-12 12000 66500
Note: The total weight is the design weight at the maximum feeding speed when the feeder is installed horizontally and the speed is not adjusted, excluding the weight of the receiving funnel and the guide fence.