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Light Duty Apron Feeders are generally used as primary or bin feeder applications designed for the application of short-distance conveying bulk materials with particle size less than 160mm.

The light-duty apron feeder is a continuous feeder, which is suitable for short-distance conveying of bulk materials with a particle size of less than 160mm.

Six Features of Light-duty Apron Feeder

Feature 1: Conveyor structure

The light-duty apron feeder is divided into three types according to the structure of the conveying trough carrying the material:

  • P-type – the longitudinal section of the conveying trough bearing plate is flat, suitable for conveying block materials along the horizontal or inclination angle ≤ 15°.
  • L-type——The longitudinal section of the conveying trough bearing plate is wavy, which is suitable for conveying bulk and granular materials along the horizontal or inclination angle ≤ 25°.
  • C-Type ——The longitudinal section of the conveying trough bearing plate is a shallow trough shape, which is suitable for conveying block and granular materials along the horizontal or inclination angle ≤ 35°.

Feature 2: Feeding Speed

The feeding speed of the feeder is selected according to the following series, and the deviation shall not exceed ±10%: 0.030m/s; 0.040m/s; 0.050m/s; 0.063m/s; 0.080m/s; 0.100m/s; 0.125m/s; 0.16m/s; 0.200m/s; 0.250m/s; 0.315m/s;

Feature 3: Heights of the Trough Side Guards

The height series of the trough side guards are 125 mm; 160 mm; 200 mm; 250 mm; 315 mm; 400 mm.

Feature 4: Traction Chain

The traction chain adopts a sleeve roller conveyor chain, the pitch series are: 160mm; 200mm; 250mm; 315mm; 400mm.

Feature 5: Sprocket

The sprocket adopts the planning rule of the sleeve roller conveyor chain sprocket, the number of teeth is selected from the following numbers: 6; 8; 9; 12

Feature 6: Braking Device

A braking device is attached to prevent the conveyor chain from reversing when it is installed at an angle.

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Application of Light-Duty Apron Feeder

Apron Feeder
Apron Feeder

The light-duty apron feeder is suitable for continuously and evenly distributing bulk materials to the silos, hoppers, and other containers of working machines or feeding devices along a horizontal or inclined straight line. The light-duty apron feeder is generally suitable for conveying materials with a bulk density of less than 1200kg/m3, a block weight of less than 140kg, and a temperature of less than 350°C. In mines, dressing plants, chemicals, cement, building materials, and other departments, it is widely used for uniform and continuous feeding of machinery from warehouses to crushing and transportation.

Installation Attention

The light apron feeder can be installed horizontally or inclined, the installation inclination angle is 0°~20°, and the maximum upward inclination angle is 20°. The transmission device can be mounted on the left or right, and the right transmission is on the right side of the material running direction, and the left transmission is on the contrary.

Technical Parameters

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Model Chute width
Chain wheel center distance
Delivery capacity
Chain speed
The maximum particle size allowedmm Motor Power
BQ500-2 500 2000 7-88 0.05-0.4 180 1..1-3 2500
BQ500-3 3000 3000
BQ500-4.5 4500 3500
BQ500-6 6000 1.5-4 4000
BQ500-9 9000 4800
BQ500-12 12000 5600
BQ500-15 15000 6400
BQ630-3 630 3000 11-175 0.04-0.4 200 1.5-4 3200
BQ630-4.5 4500 4000
BQ630-6 6000 2.2-5.5 4700
BQ630-9 9000 6000
BQ630-12 12000 7500
BQ630-15 15000 9000
BQ800-3 800 3000 19-308 0.04-0.4 350 2.2-5.5 3600
BQ800-4.5 4500 4400
BQ800-6 6000 2.2-7.5 5200
BQ800-9 9000 6800
BQ800-12 12000 8200
BQ800-15 15000 3-11 9600
BQ800-18 18000 11000

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