Vibratory Feeder

UHM vibrating feeders with electromagnetic drive are used for bin extraction and for conveying of bulk material.

Vibratory Feeder
Vibratory Feeder

ZG Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder

ZG electromagnetic vibratory feeder for coal is used to evenly, continuously, or quantitatively feed coal or other bulk materials from the silo or hopper to the receiving equipment, such as belt conveyor bucket, bucket elevator, screening equipment, Crusher, etc.

ZG electromagnetic vibratory feeder for coal is equipped with a power control box, which can adjust the feeding amount in five levels. The metering automatic stabilization control box can stabilize the amplitude of the machine without fluctuating the power supply voltage. The noise is reduced, the service life is extended, and the reliability is improved. At the same time, it can also be connected to the computer to realize automatic intelligent feeding.

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Technical Parameters

Rated feeding amountt/h1050100200300
Feed sizemm<75<100<150<200<300
Power frequencyHz5050505050
Electric currentA≤3.8≤7≤10.6≤13.3≤20
Control principle half wave rectificationhalf wave rectificationhalf wave rectificationhalf wave rectificationhalf wave rectification
Vibration frequencymin-130003000300030003000
Air gapmm1.8-21.8-21.8-21.8-21.8-2
Maximum amplitudemm1.751.751.751.51.5
Total Weightkg26649789817502300

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Vibratory Feeder
Vibratory Feeder

Working Principle

When the power is on, the electric current passes through an excitation coil, which creates a magnetic field. The magnetic force changes into a vibrating force. It forces the feeding trough body to make simple harmonic vibration or similar to simple harmonic vibration in a certain direction. When the acceleration of its vibration achieves some certain value, the materials will make continuous and small throws or slides along the transmission direction in the feeding trough body, which causes the forward motion and transmission of the materials.


ZG electromagnetic vibrating feeder for coal is mainly composed of an electromagnetic vibrator, coal feeding hopper, feeding chute, coal falling pipe, shock absorber, and so on.

Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder
Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder


Will handle fragile materials without degradation Can be easily enclosed even at transfer end Minimal maintenance, no lubrication. Smooth continuous through-no jamming of material. It is easy to enclose even at transfer points. It Can be able to perform special additional operations (like magnetic separation, heating, cooling, drying, etc.) Offers completely adjustable control of the rate of flow of material is a minimum safety hazard to persons working.

Installation steps

  • The upper flange of the coal hopper is connected with the outlet flange of the raw coal hopper with bolts, and a rubber pad can be installed between the two flanges;
  • Install the shock absorber and the main engine of the coal feeder;
  • The upper flange of the coal drop pipe is connected with the lower flange of the coal hopper with bolts, and a rubber pad can be installed between the two flanges;
  • The lower flange of the coal pipe and the inlet flange of the coal mill are connected by bolts. If there is a height difference or the caliber is inconsistent, a slide pipe can be added for transition;
  • Adjust the front and rear shock absorbers to make a uniform gap between the coal feed chute, the coal feed hopper, and the coal drop pipe. The gap size is generally 20-30mm, and no collision with other parts is allowed. And ensure that the coal-feeding chute is in a horizontal state. If it is necessary to increase the amount of coal, the feeding chute can be tilted downward by 0-10 degrees.