6 reasons and solutions for conveyor belt deviation

6 reasons for deviation of conveyor belt

  1. The rigidity of the frame is poor, and the deformation is large under the load;
  2. The cylindrical error of the outer circle of the drum is large;
  3. The rotation of the supporting roller is not flexible, which makes the load on both sides of the conveyor belt uneven;
  4. The parallelism error of the cylinder axis between the rollers is large;
  5. The quality of the conveyor belt itself is problematic, the thickness is uneven, it causes vibration during operation or the length of the edges on both sides of the belt is inconsistent, causing the conveyor belt to run off;
  6. The joints of the conveyor belt are not parallel, and the connection error is large.

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Three major solutions to conveyor belt deviation

belt conveyor
belt conveyor

For the deviation phenomenon of industrial belt conveyor, it is necessary to take corresponding countermeasures to adjust, the key is to eliminate the driving force imbalance on both sides of the conveyor belt and the belt is subjected to lateral force and other factors.

  1. The rolling axis of the drum itself is not straight with the longitudinal centerline of the conveyor, forming a conveyor belt that is loose and tight at the same time. The position of the bearing seat with tight edges should be adjusted to keep the lateral tension of the belt flat and eliminate runout. If the tail roller is a spiral tension roller, the cause of the deviation of the tail may also be caused by the unevenness of the tension of the two screw rods of the tensioning device.
  2. The axis of the roller is not horizontal, and the unevenness of the bearing at both ends is another cause of the deviation of the head or tail. At this time, the axis of the drum can be leveled by appropriately adding or subtracting shims on the two bearing seats of the drum, which can eliminate the deviation of the conveyor belt.
  3. The material adhering to the surface of the roller is equivalent to increasing the diameter of the roller part. The empty section of the conveyor belt should be cleaned to reduce the adhesion of the material or the accumulation of dust on the conveyor belt. In addition, the deviation of the conveyor belt between the nose and the tail is called the middle or partial deviation.

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