ZXD linear vibrating screen

The screen surface of the ZXD linear vibrating screen is a nearly arc-shaped surface composed of three sections of screen surfaces with different inclinations. During the screening process, the materials on the screen surface will gradually decrease due to the continuous falling of the materials on the screen surface through the screen holes. At the same time, the material running speed And because the inclination angle of the screen surface gradually decreases and slows down gradually, the thickness of each section from the feeding to the discharging of the material on the screen surface is approximately equal.

ZXD linear vibrating screen
ZXD linear vibrating screen

Working principle of ZXD linear vibrating screen

Two sets of motors with the same parameters are used to drive two groups of two shafts, without any synchronous transmission and connected device, at the moment of the synchronous start, the two motors drive the two sets of eccentric blocks to automatically form synchronous rotation through two concentric shafts.

The principle of the linear trajectory can be selected and adjusted

When the two sets of eccentric blocks on the two axes rotate in opposite directions, and when the eccentric parameters on the two axes are equal, the centripetal force of the two axes synthesizes a reciprocating linear motion perpendicular to the plane of the two axes.

According to the usage, it is very easy to select and adjust different vibration trajectories of the straight line by changing the size comparison of the eccentric mass on the two axes. Adjust the size of the eccentric mass difference on the two axes to adjust the major and minor axes of the ellipse to achieve a satisfactory amplitude.

Application of ZXD linear vibrating screen

ZXD series constant thickness linear vibrating screen is widely used in metallurgy, mining, transportation, electric power, building materials, chemical industry, especially coal, and other departments, for grading, dehydrating, desliming, and descaling of various medium and fine materials.

Structure of ZXD linear vibrating screen

The dual-axis self-synchronizing linear vibrating screen is composed of 1. Screen box 2. Vibrator 3. Vibration isolation system 4. Transmission shaft 5. Screen seat 6. Motor 7. Motor base 8. Eccentric block 9. Sieve plate, etc.

Features of ZXD linear vibrating screen

  • The screen machine adopts a multi-stage screen surface, advanced technical parameters, large processing capacity, and high screening efficiency.
  • The screen machine is connected by ring groove rivets, which have a simple, compact, firm, and reliable structure, and is easy to maintain and overhaul.
  • The screening machine is excited by a box-type vibrator and adopts special bearings for vibration machinery, which has a large bearing capacity and a long service life.
  • The vibrator of the screen machine is installed on the main beam, and the screen machine has good strength.
  • The column vibrating screen adopts a rubber spring for vibration reduction, and the operation in the over-resonance area is stable and the noise is small.

Two screening methods

Waiting for Sieve Method for Big Throwing Index

Using several sections of screen surfaces, each has its transmission mechanism, and the vibrating screen and frequency of the front section are larger than those of the back section.

Waiting for Screening Method Installed at Large Inclination Angle

  • The inclination angle is 0~12 degrees.
  • Several small vibrating screens are connected in series to form a screening unit, and the installation inclination angle gradually decreases from the feeding end to the discharging end.
  • The equal-thickness screening machine is divided into two or three sections of screen surface on one screen machine. The inclination angle of each section of the screen surface is different. The second section of the screen surface is 30 and 15 degrees, and the third section of the screen surface is about 30, 20, and 10 degrees.

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