ZZS Linear vibrating screen

ZZS series linear vibrating screen adopts a self-synchronous vibration principle, adopts vibration motor as vibration source, coil spring as damper and high wear-resistant woven screen, eccentric compression sealing, and other advanced technologies, with long life, low noise, and screening efficiency. High-grade features, suitable for high-efficiency screening of sinter, natural ore, coke, and granular materials, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coke, building materials, and other industries.

ZZS series linear vibrating screen
ZZS series linear vibrating screen


  • ZZS series linear vibrating screen is a screening device for the forced vibration system with the sieve box, the movable part of the exciter as the mass, the coil spring as the elastic element, and the vibrating motor as the excitation mechanism.
  • The two vibration motor eccentric blocks are reversed.
  • High-speed rotation produces a powerful centrifugal force that forces the screen box to perform a continuous linear vibration motion.
  • The material is driven by this movement, and it is continuously horizontally moving on the screen surface.
  • When it is thrown up, it is layered. When it is thrown up, it advances forward for a distance.
  • When it falls, it passes through the screen surface with the particle size, so the material is completed again and again. The grading process.


  • With a new vibrating motor.
  • Simple structure, firm and reliable.
  • Less maintenance and convenient installation.
  • High efficiency and low power consumption.


  • High screening accuracy
  • Large processing capacity
  • Simple structure
  • Less energy consumption
  • Low noise
  • Long screen life
  • Good sealing
  • Very little dust spill
  • Easy to maintain


  • The ZZS series Linear vibrating screen is mainly composed of a screen box body, a grid frame group, a screen mesh, a vibration motor, a vibration-damping spring, and a bracket. 
  • Screen box body: welded by a steel plate after bending, designing specific strength and rigidity according to different models, is the main component of a linear vibrating screen;
  • grid group: the use of dense pine wood, used to keep the screen flat and tight, to achieve normal screening. If the specific gravity is large or the output is large, a metal screen frame can be used;
  • Screen: According to the different screening requirements, select the screen that meets the standard;
  • Vibration motor: use and maintenance method can be seen in the vibration motor instruction manual; (The fixing bolt must be locked as required before use to avoid loose accidents.)
  • Damping spring: prevent the vibration from being transmitted to the ground while supporting the full weight of the screen box. When installing, the spring must be perpendicular to the ground;
  • Bracket: It consists of steel and supports the main body of the vibrating screen. The pillars must be perpendicular to the ground during installation and the channels below the two pillars should be parallel to each other.


  • Can be used for automated operations in assembly line production. Screening of various dry powdery materials without viscosity at a particle size of 0.074-5 mm and water content of less than 20%. The maximum feed size is no more than 10 mm.
  • The product is widely used in the screening of dry powder or granular materials in chemical, food, plastic, pharmaceutical, metallurgy, glass, building materials, grain, fertilizer, abrasive, ceramics, and other industries.

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