4 Important Notes – No-Load Test of Motor Vibrating Conveyor

vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

No-load test of motor vibration conveyor

Before the no-load test of the motor vibration conveyor, check whether the electrical control circuit is connected well and whether the power supply voltage and frequency meet the requirements of the drawing.
Check whether the motor vibration conveyor is in a free installation state, the vibration damping spring is in a vertical state, whether the vibration conveyor body has contact or collision with other equipment and objects around it, and ensure that the gap between the body and surrounding equipment and objects is not less than 30-50mm.
Check whether the fastening bolts of the motor vibration conveyor are tight, especially the vibration motor installation bolts.

vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Common faults and treatment

Vibration conveyor body without vibration

Check the vibration motor wiring and connect the power cord; check whether the vibration motor is in good condition and replace it if it is damaged.

No amplitude display

The body of the vibrating conveyor vibrates, the material does not run, and the amplitude indicator has no amplitude display. The reason is that the wiring of the two vibration motors runs in the same direction. Swap the two-phase power wiring for one of the vibration motors.

The vibrating conveyor operates abnormally

Normal noise should be less than 80 decibels. Check and tighten the vibration motor mounting bolts and other fastener bolts; the vibrating feeder contacts and collides with the surrounding equipment and objects, adjust the installation of the feeder body to ensure the distance between the feeder body and surrounding equipment and objects The gap is not less than 30-50mm.

The motor vibration conveyor oscillates left and right.

The spring force of the shock absorber is uneven, and the shock absorber spring is selected to make the spring force corresponding to the front and rear springs basically the same; the excitation force of the two vibration motors is inconsistent, open the end covers at both ends of the vibration motor, check and adjust the angle of the eccentric block, Ensure that the excitation force of the two vibration motors is the same.