According to the 7 major conditions, choose the appropriate vibrating conveyor

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Vibrating Conveyor

A vibrating conveyor is a device that transports materials from one location to another. It uses vibration as the main driving force to push materials through pipes or solid surfaces to achieve the purpose of transportation.

Choose a suitable vibrating conveyor, see these 7 aspects

However, in order to achieve a better material conveying effect, it is necessary to ensure that a suitable vibrating conveyor is selected to meet the actual needs of users.

Material conveying distance

For materials that have a long distance to be transported, the corresponding model and specification conveyor should be selected to meet their material transport needs. On the contrary, for materials with a short conveying distance, small and fine vibrating conveyors can be selected for material conveying.

Material type

For different types of materials, choosing vibrating conveyors with different specifications can better realize the transportation of materials. For example: for liquid materials, it is more suitable to use pumps or centrifugal conveyors; for viscous materials, it is recommended to choose screw conveyors, etc.

Material handling

For materials with certain fluidity, you can choose a squeeze conveyor, which can squeeze and compact the materials during the conveying process; for fragile or high-temperature or fusible materials, you should choose a professional conveyor type. To avoid broken or damaged materials.

hot material vibrating conveyor
vibrating conveyor

Working environment

When choosing a vibrating conveyor, it is necessary to consider the working environment of the equipment, such as temperature, humidity, etc. Different environments require different protective measures.

Work load

It is very necessary to choose a vibrating conveyor according to the working load. There are certain load ranges for vibrating conveyors of different specifications and models. Therefore, when purchasing a vibrating conveyor, it must be selected according to the load condition.

Energy Consumption

For different equipment and process work, the corresponding energy consumption is different. When choosing a vibrating conveyor, it is necessary to choose a model with as low energy consumption as possible to reduce production costs.

Maintenance requirements

For the selection of a vibrating conveyor, its maintenance and maintenance are very important. Therefore, the maintenance and maintenance requirements of the vibrating conveyor directly affect the service life of the equipment. For vibrating conveyors of different models and specifications, the corresponding maintenance requirements will be different. When choosing a vibrating conveyor, it is necessary to budget for maintenance requirements reasonably.

In summary

The correct selection of vibrating conveyors is very important, which can make the equipment calmly respond to production needs, and create economic value for users to achieve work efficiency and production benefits.