Five Application Advantages of Screw Conveyor

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Screw conveyor

The screw conveyor is a device used to transport materials from the inlet to the outlet, and the material is conveyed by the thrust generated by the rotation of the screw blade.

The screw conveyor is mainly suitable for the transportation of powdery, small and non-wet materials, such as cement, lime, mineral powder, bricks, fertilizers, corn, rice bran and other granular or powdery materials.

5 advantages of screw conveyor

  • Reliability: The screw conveyor is a relatively simple mechanical transmission system, its operation process is stable and reliable, and the failure frequency is low.
  • Flexibility: The structure of the screw conveyor and the different selection of drive components can be adapted to different conveying requirements. For example, the machine can be installed in a horizontal, inclined or vertical position.
  • Economical: The manufacturing cost of the screw conveyor is relatively low, the operating cost is also relatively low, and it is easy to maintain. By varying its length and dimensions, it is possible to provide customized solutions for different uses and requirements.
  • Efficiency: The screw conveyor can increase productivity through continuous conveying and greatly reduce labor costs. Its precise application and appropriate size can improve the accuracy of its delivery and reduce dust and pollution during transportation.
  • Diversification: Due to the flexibility and customizability of the screw conveyor, it is suitable for material transportation in various industries, and its efficient, smooth and reliable transportation can be realized according to the characteristics of the powder material such as viscosity, cohesiveness and resistance.
screw conveyor
screw conveyor


Screw conveyor is an economical and reliable material conveying device, which is widely used in coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, grain, light industry and other industries.
The wide application of screw conveyor in modern industrial production gives full play to its role in material conveying. It has simple structure, strong conveying capacity, stable use effect and wide adaptability. It is a reliable and economical material conveying device.