Introduce six characteristics of bucket elevator

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TD bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a common lifting device that can be used for vertical conveying of different granular materials, and is widely used in construction, food, chemical, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

The bucket elevator has large conveying capacity, large lifting height, low energy consumption (energy consumption is about 1/5~1/10 of pneumatic conveying), and good sealing performance.

Bucket elevator mainly includes six characteristics

Characteristics 1 # : Simple structure

The structure of the bucket elevator is simple, easy to use and easy to operate during use, and does not require too cumbersome maintenance and repairs.

The bucket elevator is composed of a driving device and a lifting device. The driving equipment is generally called the driving machine, and its function is to drive the driving wheel to drive the lifting member to rise or fall. The lifting device is composed of chains or belts and buckets. The bucket installation method is relatively flexible and can be flexibly selected according to actual scenarios and needs. Its simple structure makes the bucket elevator easy to install and maintain. Whether it is traditional manual operation or automatic production, users can easily and quickly carry out structure construction and equipment installation.

Characteristics 2 # : High lifting efficiency

The bucket elevator has a large conveying capacity, can transport with high efficiency, save energy and reduce consumption, and improve the efficiency of material transportation. The lifting efficiency of the bucket elevator is high, and the speed and capacity of its handling work can be adjusted and controlled.

For example, the conveying volume of the hoist can be adjusted according to the volume of the bucket, and the lifting speed of the hoist can also be adjusted when the hoist is working, so as to adapt to different material conveying requirements and improve conveying efficiency. In the case of the same conveying distance, the bucket elevator has more advantages than other conveying devices, and can lift materials from a low point to a higher point.

Characteristics 3 # : Small footprint

The bucket elevator occupies a relatively small space, allowing for free layout and flexible installation, saving site space. Therefore, the bucket elevator is not only suitable for fixed places, such as factories, warehouses, etc., but also for dynamic places, such as mines, wharf clearing, rural areas, construction sites and other places where materials need to be temporarily lifted.

Characteristics 4 # : Stable operation

The operation of the bucket elevator is relatively stable. During its operation, due to the small inertia of the fuselage, its energy loss is also small, so it is relatively reliable and stable during operation and maintenance. At the same time, the possibility of turbulence during operation can also be reduced by reversely controlling the engine and track guide frame.

Characteristics 5 # : Strong adaptability

The bucket elevator is suitable for the lifting and conveying of various granular materials. It shows its strong adaptability when conveying various granular and powdery materials, and is suitable for use in different industries and mines.

According to the conveying characteristics of different materials, the bucket elevator can carry out different bucket forms, transmission wheels, bucket speed control and other operations. At the same time, the bucket elevator can also adapt to the requirements of different environments.

Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator

Characteristics 6 # : Easy to maintain and manage

Bucket elevators not only have a wide range of applications, but also have their own unique features in terms of maintenance and management. For example, when inspecting and replacing a chain, this can easily be done by simply removing the guide pulley. For the overhaul and replacement of the wheel set, it is only necessary to disassemble the wheel frame cover and untie the wheel set. At the same time, because the components used in the bucket elevator are commonly used and standardized, the cost of maintenance and replacement can also be controlled.


The bucket elevator has shown its unique technical characteristics in terms of simple structure, high lifting efficiency, small footprint, stable operation, and strong adaptability. At the same time, the use of the bucket elevator is also subject to many restrictions, such as the conveying speed should not be too fast, the requirements for the air partition of the material are high, and the particle size of the material is large.

Therefore, in actual use, it needs to be tailored according to different material types and usage environments to ensure its maximum efficacy.