Outline 4 major safety issues in the operation of scraper conveyor

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scraper conveyor

Scraper conveyor is a continuous conveying machine with flexible traction components, which can be used to convey bulk materials such as dust, small particles and small blocks in horizontal, inclined and vertical directions, and is widely used in material conveying in various industrial fields .

Scraper conveyor is a commonly used conveying equipment that can convey bulk materials from one place to another. The scraper conveyor can convey materials in a sealed manner, with high work efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and is often used in coal mines, metallurgy, building materials, chemical industries and other industries.

Safety Issues in the Operation of Scraper Conveyor

During the operation of the scraper conveyor, since many electromechanical components and transmission systems are involved, the safety issue is particularly critical. The following will explain how to ensure the safety of the scraper conveyor from several aspects.

7 key points for maintaining scraper conveyors
scraper conveyor
  1. Inspection before operation: Relevant inspections are required before starting the scraper conveyor every time. Including but not limited to: belt tightness, oil volume of the transmission system, temperature of the reduction box, tension of the scraper, conveying direction, etc.
  2. Frequency control: Appropriate control of operating frequency ensures transportation under light load conditions and reduces equipment wear and failure.
  3. Safety measures: Take perfect protection measures for the conveying system, install protective covers, strengthen and protect important components such as scrapers, driving wheels, tail rails, chain plates, and sprockets.
  4. Remote control: Use remote control as much as possible, and monitor the equipment in real time, discover and deal with operational failures in time, prevent monitoring blind spots, brake properly and prevent accidents.


In the process of using the scraper conveyor system , the operator needs to understand the working principle and operating procedures of the equipment, and carry out necessary training and safety awareness education to prevent unnecessary accidents.