Revolutionizing Material Handling with the Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor

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Efficient material handling is a critical aspect of various processing industries. In restrictive processing situations, traditional conveyor systems may pose challenges when it comes to maneuverability and accessibility.

However, a game-changing solution has emerged—the Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor. This article explores the innovative features and benefits of this mobile system, designed to fit restrictive processing environments while offering unmatched accessibility and stability.

Enhancing Maneuverability and Fitment

The Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor is engineered to navigate restrictive processing environments with ease. Its support boom is positioned against and parallel to the conveyor tube, minimizing the height required to maneuver the system under doorways and mezzanines. This design also enables the conveyor’s discharge to fit seamlessly between process equipment inlets and overhead obstructions, optimizing space utilization.

Comparison of Traditional vs. Mobile Tilt-Down Conveyor

AspectTraditional ConveyorMobile Tilt-Down Conveyor
Height RequirementHigher, difficult fitmentLow-profile design
AccessibilityLimitedFull accessibility
StabilityStandard center of gravityLow center of gravity
Material ContactBearings and seals in contact with materialSelf-centering screw beyond discharge point, preventing material contact with bearings or seals

Stability and Versatility

The low center of gravity in the Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor enhances stability during operation and when moving the unit between various processing tasks and wash-down stations. This ensures safe and reliable material handling, even in dynamic environments. The system’s versatility is further augmented by its ability to be easily rolled between different processing tasks, making it a time-saving solution for multi-purpose production facilities.

scraper conveyor
scraper conveyor

Improved Cleanability and Inspection

Incorporating a tilt-down mechanism, the Mobile Flexible Screw Conveyor elevates the clean-out cap of the conveyor tube higher off the plant floor when fully lowered. This design feature allows for easier removal and re-insertion of the flexible screw from standing height during cleaning and inspection procedures. The simplified cleanout process reduces downtime and contributes to improved operational efficiency.

Optimal Material Handling Design

The Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor adopts an innovative design where the screw is the only moving part in contact with the material. The screw extends beyond the discharge point, preventing material contact with bearings or seals. As it rotates, the screw self-centers, creating ample clearance between itself and the tube wall. This eliminates or minimizes grinding while ensuring a gentle rolling action to prevent segregation of disparate blends.

Sanitary Construction and Washdown Capability

Constructed of #316 stainless steel finished to sanitary standards, the mobile system guarantees compliance with strict hygiene requirements. The low-profile hopper with a bag support tray, quick-release clean-out cap, and quick-disconnect discharge access cover further facilitate the cleaning process. Moreover, stainless control panels, conduits, and liquid-tight compression fittings enhance the conveyor’s washdown capability, allowing the handling of corrosive materials without compromising safety or efficiency.

HMI Controls and Hydraulic Jack

The Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor comes ready to plug in and run, making installation a breeze. Equipped with Human-Machine Interface (HMI) controls, operators can easily manage manual or automatic start/stop functions and adjust the conveyor’s speed. Additionally, a manual hydraulic jack is included to raise and lower the support boom and conveyor assembly conveniently, enabling quick adjustments as per processing requirements.


The Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor represents a significant leap forward in material handling technology. Its low-profile design, unmatched maneuverability, and full accessibility make it an ideal solution for restrictive processing environments. The system’s stability, cleanability, and versatile material handling capabilities cater to the unique needs of modern production facilities.

With its innovative screw design, self-centering capability, and sanitary construction, the Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor ensures the safe and efficient handling of various materials, including those with corrosive properties. The incorporation of HMI controls and a manual hydraulic jack further enhances the ease of use and adaptability of this mobile system.

As industries continue to prioritize efficiency, safety, and compliance in their material handling processes, the Mobile Tilt-Down Flexible Screw Conveyor proves to be an indispensable asset, streamlining operations and advancing production capabilities. Embracing this cutting-edge solution is a step towards a more sustainable and productive future in material handling and processing industries.