Six major operation and maintenance requirements for screw conveyors

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Five manifestations of screw conveyor application flexibility

The screw conveyor is a device that transports materials from the inlet to the outlet, and the material is conveyed by the thrust generated by the rotation of the screw blade. Screw conveyors are widely used in coal, petrochemical, metallurgy, building materials, grain, light industry and other industries.

Six major operation and maintenance requirements for screw conveyors

  • Maintenance requirements 1 # :Before driving, it should be determined whether the rotation direction of the motor meets the work requirements; it should also be checked whether there is any debris in the trough, especially the blockage at the middle suspension bearing, so as to avoid blockage failure.
  • Maintenance requirements 2 # :The materials entering the conveyor should be cleaned first to prevent large pieces of impurities or fiber impurities from entering the conveyor and ensure the normal operation of the conveyor.
  • Maintenance requirements 3 # :When starting, ensure no-load starting, and when parking, the materials in the machine should be drained before parking.
  • Maintenance requirements 4 # :During the operation, if large pieces of impurities or fibrous impurities such as rice stalks and straw ropes are found to enter the trough, stop the machine immediately. It is not possible to reach into the material trough directly by hand or with other tools to extract materials without stopping the machine.
  • Maintenance requirements 5 # :When transporting materials with high viscosity and high moisture content, the adherents in the machine should be removed frequently to avoid a decrease in the conveying capacity or even blockage.
  • Maintenance requirements 6 # :The top cover of the screw conveyor must be tightly closed to prevent foreign objects from entering the trough or the dust inside the machine from flying out, and even safety accidents; at the same time, it is also forbidden to step on the cover to prevent personal safety accidents.
Screw conveyor
Screw conveyor

In summary

Screw conveyor is a reliable and economical material conveying device, which fully exerts its role in material conveying and is widely used in modern industrial production. Therefore, during the operation of the screw conveyor, it should be carried out in strict accordance with the process requirements to ensure the safe and stable operation of the equipment.