Top 4 Advantages and Design Featuresof Steel Wire Belts in GSZF

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In cement plants, the safe and efficient transportation of clinker from the kiln cooling system to the silos is crucial for smooth operations. Apron conveyors, specifically the belt apron conveyor (GSZF) variant offered by Beumer Group, have emerged as a reliable solution for this task.

By using a belt instead of a chain as the traction element, the GSZF offers higher speeds, a slimmer design, and exceptional performance.

Understanding the Challenges of Hot Clinker Transportation

Clinker, a critical component in cement production, emerges from the cooler at temperatures exceeding 80°C. During the process, unexpected occurrences known as “kiln flash” can happen due to a raw meal flash from the preheater tower or caked clinker coming off the kiln.

In these instances, several tons of raw meal or clinker rapidly pass through the cooler, causing the material to be conveyed to reach temperatures as high as 500 to 800°C. Handling such hot clinker safely and efficiently is a significant challenge in cement plants.

The Design Features of GSZF Belt Apron Conveyors

The GSZF belt apron conveyor offers a range of design features specifically tailored to safely transport hot materials like clinker. One of the key elements is the use of a belt as the traction element, which allows for higher speeds and a slimmer profile compared to traditional chain-based conveyors. This makes the GSZF ideal for modernization projects, where space constraints and the need for increased throughput are often paramount.

The conveyor cells in GSZF are designed to facilitate safe, low-friction transportation of hot materials. The side walls and bottom plates of the cells are sealed and overlapping, preventing clinker from escaping while minimizing dust emissions. The conveyor’s unique steel-wire reinforced belt, borrowed from the bucket elevator technology, ensures durability and reliability under demanding conditions.

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Top 4 Advantages of Steel Wire Belts in GSZF

The GSZF belt apron conveyor stands apart from its competitors due to its innovative traction element – the Beumer steel wire belts. Unlike traditional chain-based conveyors, these steel wire belts offer numerous advantages:

  1. Enhanced Speed and Efficiency: The reduced weight of the steel wire belt allows for higher conveyor speeds, resulting in improved material handling efficiency.
  2. Increased Longevity: The steel-wire reinforced construction provides exceptional durability, minimizing maintenance needs and ensuring a longer service life.
  3. Heat Resistance: The GSZF’s steel wire belt is specifically designed to withstand high temperatures, ensuring that the heat from the hot clinker in the cells does not transfer to the belt, thereby preserving its integrity.
  4. Improved Safety: With reduced friction and heat transfer, the steel wire belt enhances safety during transportation, preventing potential accidents caused by hot clinker spillage.

Partition Plates for Kiln Flash Protection

In situations where kiln flash events are likely, the GSZF belt apron conveyor is equipped with partition plates in the feeding area below the cooler. These partition plates serve as a protective barrier, shielding the steel wire belt from the impact of hot clinker during kiln flash incidents. The partition plates can be easily removed for maintenance, allowing quick and efficient access to the conveyor components.

Applications of GSZF Belt Apron Conveyors in Cement Plants

The GSZF belt apron conveyor plays a crucial role in cement plants, specifically in the safe and efficient transportation of clinker from the kiln cooling system to the storage silos. Its ability to handle hot materials, such as clinker at elevated temperatures, ensures a continuous and reliable material flow within the cement production process. The conveyor’s customizable design and suitability for modernization projects make it a popular choice among cement plant operators looking to enhance their material handling capabilities.


The GSZF belt apron conveyor by Beumer Group represents a significant advancement in cement plant material handling technology. With its durable steel wire belt, slim design, and capability to handle hot materials like clinker, it offers a reliable and efficient solution for transporting bulk materials.

The conveyor’s versatility, coupled with its ability to withstand extreme temperatures, makes it an ideal choice for cement plant operators seeking to optimize their production processes while ensuring the safety and reliability of their material handling operations. The GSZF belt apron conveyor stands as a testament to the continuous innovation in the cement industry, providing enhanced performance and contributing to the overall efficiency of cement manufacturing plants worldwide.