Top 4 Applications and Advantages of Batch Feeding System

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Bucket elevator

Simatek Bulk Systems has introduced a groundbreaking technology for pendulum bucket elevators to the North American market – the Batch Feeding System. This innovative system incorporates a non-conflicting bucket design, ensuring individual filling of each bucket with a filling degree of up to 90%. Unlike traditional bucket elevators, the buckets in this system do not overlap or come into mechanical contact with each other, reducing friction and wear.

The risk of operational breakdown is significantly minimized, and spillage is eliminated. With enhanced product capacity and gentle material handling, the Batch Feeding System offers an efficient and reliable solution for bulk material transportation.

Non-Conflicting Bucket Design for Precise Filling

The core feature of Simatek’s Batch Feeding System lies in its non-conflicting bucket design. Unlike traditional bucket elevators where buckets may collide or overlap, each bucket in this system is filled individually, allowing for a high filling degree of up to 90%. This precision filling ensures optimized material transportation and enhances the overall efficiency of the system.

Minimal Friction and Wear for Increased Reliability

By avoiding mechanical contact between buckets, the Batch Feeding System significantly reduces friction and wear. This design choice minimizes the risk of operational breakdown and ensures a longer service life for the equipment. With fewer mechanical interactions, the system operates smoothly, requiring less maintenance and reducing downtime.

Spillage-Free Operation for Enhanced Cleanliness

Traditional bucket elevators may suffer from spillage during material handling, leading to waste and potentially hazardous working conditions. However, Simatek’s Batch Feeding System eliminates spillage entirely. The precise and gentle filling of each bucket prevents material from overflowing or escaping, maintaining a clean and safe working environment.

Increased Product Capacity without Speed Increase

The Batch Feeding System offers a remarkable advantage by increasing product capacity without the need for speed augmentation. While other conveying solutions may require higher speeds to achieve higher capacity, this system optimizes filling efficiency, resulting in a capacity increase of up to 50% without any compromise on speed. This not only enhances productivity but also contributes to energy savings and overall cost-effectiveness.

Versatility with Various Inlet Modules

To accommodate a wide range of bulk products, including those with poor flow properties, Simatek’s Batch Feeding System can be combined with various inlet modules. These inlet modules are designed to handle specific material characteristics and ensure seamless material transfer to the pendulum bucket elevators. The versatility of the system makes it suitable for handling diverse materials, catering to the needs of various industries.

Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator

Top 4 Applications and Advantages of Simatek’s Batch Feeding System

Simatek’s Batch Feeding System finds applications in a multitude of industries where precise and efficient bulk material handling is paramount. Some key advantages and applications include:

  1. Food Processing: In the food industry, where hygiene and gentle handling are crucial, the Batch Feeding System ensures spillage-free and contamination-free material transfer.
  2. Agriculture: The system’s ability to handle bulk materials with poor flow properties makes it suitable for agricultural applications such as grain handling, feed transport, and fertilizer distribution.
  3. Industrial Manufacturing: The Batch Feeding System serves as an efficient solution in various industrial manufacturing processes, including construction, pharmaceuticals, and chemical production.
  4. Mining and Minerals: Handling abrasive or fragile minerals requires careful material transportation, and Simatek’s system excels in providing gentle and reliable conveying for such materials.


Simatek’s Batch Feeding System for pendulum bucket elevators represents a significant advancement in bulk material handling technology. With its non-conflicting bucket design, minimal friction, and spillage-free operation, this system offers precise and efficient material transfer for a wide range of industries. By increasing product capacity without the need for speed augmentation, it not only enhances productivity but also contributes to energy savings and reduced wear and tear.

The versatility of the system, combined with its ability to handle diverse materials, ensures that it meets the unique needs of various applications. As industries seek reliable and efficient solutions for their bulk material handling requirements, Simatek’s Batch Feeding System continues to lead the way in delivering enhanced performance, reliability, and cost-effectiveness in pendulum bucket elevators.