5 major causes and treatment methods of bucket elevator blockage

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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator, also known as bucket conveyor or bucket elevator, is a mechanical conveying equipment used for conveying powder, granular, block and other materials in the vertical direction.

The bucket elevator has simple structure, high transmission efficiency, and large conveying height, and is widely used in grain, oil, feed, chemical fertilizer, ore and other industries.

5 major causes and treatment of bucket elevator blockage

In production and application, the causes and elimination methods of bucket elevator blockage are detailed in the following five points

  1. It may be caused by improper operation, it should be corrected in time and operated in the correct way.
  2. It may be caused by uneven feeding, and uniform feeding should be achieved.
  3. It may also be due to excessive spreading of materials during lifting, which increases the tension force, and stable lifting should be achieved.
  4. It may also be caused by too much return material, and the reason should be found out in time to minimize the amount of return material.
  5. It may also be caused by the slippage of the hopper belt, and the tension should be increased.
Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator

In summary

Bucket elevator is a commonly used material conveying equipment, which is widely used in various industrial and mining places. In the process of daily operation of the bucket elevator, it is necessary to strictly abide by the technical requirements of the equipment.

If there are series of faults such as blockage, it needs to be shut down in time, and it can be put into production after passing the maintenance and overhaul to ensure that the bucket elevator equipment It can run normally and stably, and improve production efficiency.