6 main points of operation and maintenance of scraper conveyor

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scraper conveyor

The scraper conveyor is a continuous conveying machine with flexible traction members, which can be used to convey bulk materials in horizontal, inclined and vertical directions.

When the scraper conveyor is working, no matter it is conveyed horizontally or vertically, when the material enters the closed machine groove from the feed port, under the action of external forces such as the thrust of the scraper and the gravity of the material itself, the bulk material forms sufficient internal friction,the internal friction force is enough to overcome the external friction force of the machine groove and the gravity of the material when the material is conveyed vertically, so that the material can form a relatively stable whole, and it will completely flow to the conveyor belt under the action of the scraper chain. front delivery.

6 main points of operation and maintenance of scraper conveyor

1. Follow the principle of “start without load, stop without load” when operating

If there is an emergency stop due to special circumstances, when restarting, it must be jogged several times, or the material in the machine tank must be properly removed; MC type and MZ type can open the observation window cover plate at the lower part of the bending transition section for discharge.

2. Precautions during work

During the working process, strictly prevent metal parts, large materials or impurities from entering the machine tank, so as not to damage the equipment or cause other accidents.

3. Check the components of the equipment frequently

Especially the scraper chain and drive unit, keeping it in perfect condition. If any damaged parts are found, they should be repaired or replaced in time.

4. Always pay attention to observation during the work process

If you find abnormal noises or faults in the machine, stop the machine in time to eliminate it, and do not work with faults.

scraper conveyor
scraper conveyor

5. General maintenance

Under normal circumstances, the scraper conveyor should be repaired once a quarter, repaired once every six months, and repaired once every 1 to 2 years. During the overhaul, all parts of the scraper machine should be dismantled and cleaned, and the worn parts should be replaced.

6. Pay attention to keep all bearings and driving parts well lubricated

The lubrication of each part of the scraper conveyor is shown in Table 12-2. However, it should be noted that scraper chains, guide rails, head and tail sprockets, guide wheels and other components must not be filled with lubricating oil.


Scraper conveyor system is an efficient, reliable and durable material conveying equipment. It has simple structure, good sealing performance, flexible layout, and can complete material conveying in multiple directions at the same time.