Describe the four major work processes of the bucket elevator

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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator is a kind of mechanical conveying equipment mainly used in grain, oil, feed, chemical fertilizer, ore and other industries to realize the lifting and lowering of powdery, granular, small block and difficult-to-adhesive materials in a large vertical direction.

Bucket elevator is a commonly used material conveying equipment, which is mainly used for three-dimensional conveying and intermittent lifting of stored materials, and is suitable for various industrial and mining sites.

Four major work processes of bucket elevator

workflow 1 #:Feeding

When the bucket elevator starts to work, the material to be conveyed is first poured into the material box, and then it is clamped by its upper hopper at its opening position, turned upwards along the non-working upper edge, and finally enters the position where the upper edge is located. position.

workflow 2 #: Improve

Driven by the motor and reducer, the sprocket starts to rotate and drives the chain to move upward. At this time, the hopper on the bucket elevator will turn over due to the action of gravity, and gradually rise through the lifting of the sprocket and chain in turn, and at the same time, the material will also move upward with the lifting of the bucket elevator.

Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator

workflow 3 #:Dump

When the hook chain bucket elevator rises to the highest point, the tipping bucket will tilt with the action of inertia and gravity, so that the conveyed materials will be unloaded and poured into the container below.

workflow 4 #:Homing

When the bucket elevator is unloaded, the tipping bucket will be automatically restored to its original state through the cooperation of the chain wheel and the gear, and it will be in contact with and sorted out the materials to be conveyed again.

In summary

Bucket elevator is a conveying system composed of chains and wheel rollers to convey materials. It has the advantages of simple structure, stable performance, high working efficiency and strong adaptability. However, when using this equipment, attention should also be paid to selecting the appropriate conveying method and conveying materials, and at the same time, proper maintenance and maintenance of the equipment can better achieve the effect of transporting materials and improving efficiency.