Five major maintenance and repair requirements for electromagnetic vibrating feeders

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vibrating feeder

Vibrating feeders are indispensable equipment in crushing and sand making production operations. They are used to feed block, granular and powdery materials from storage bins or hoppers to receiving devices evenly, quantitatively and continuously.

For example, feeding to belt conveyors, bucket elevators, screening equipment, etc.; feeding to crushers, pulverizers, etc., as well as for automatic batching, quantitative packaging, etc., and can be used in automatic control processes to realize the automation of production processes.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are small in size, light in weight, simple in structure, easy to install, no rotating parts, no lubrication required, easy to maintain, and low in operating costs.

Electromagnetic vibrating feeders can instantly change and open and close the material flow, so the feeding amount has a higher accuracy, and can realize centralized control and automatic control of the production process; and the equipment uses a material trough made of alloy steel plates, which can be used to convey high-temperature, severely worn and corrosive materials.

vibrating feeder
vibrating feeder

Maintenance And Repair Matters Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

  1. It is required to check whether the three large top bolts and the connecting screws of important parts that tighten the spring steel plate are loose every day and every shift.
  2. Regularly check whether the gap has changed, whether there is too much dust accumulation, and whether the spring plate is broken.
  3. The silo is not allowed to be unloaded, and a certain material position should be maintained to prevent the material from impacting the trough.
  4. The controller should be placed in a place with little dust, no humidity, no high temperature, and good ventilation, and the dust should be cleaned frequently.
  5. If there is a knocking sound from the iron core armature, it should be repaired immediately.


Electromagnetic vibrating feeders are widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, building materials, chemicals, electricity, grain, machinery and other industries. Electromagnetic vibrating feeders should be maintained regularly. If there is a problem during use, they should be maintained and repaired in time to ensure their production efficiency and extend their service life.