What Is Electromagnetic Vibrating Conveyor ,Five Characteristics

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inertial vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses an exciter to vibrate the material trough, so that the material in the trough slides or throws in a certain direction. Vibrating conveyor is mainly used to convey loose block or granular materials in horizontal or small inclination conditions.

Four characteristics of vibrating conveyor

  • The vibrating conveyor has a simple structure, low energy consumption, and low equipment operating costs;
  • There are few lubrication points and wearing parts, and it is easy to maintain;
  • The material is transported in a projectile state, which causes less wear on the conveying trough and can transport abrasive materials;
  • The vibrating conveyor is convenient for closed conveying of dusty, toxic, and volatile gas materials, which is beneficial to environmental protection.

Electromagnetic vibrating conveyor is a type of vibrating conveying machinery. It generates vibration force through an electromagnetic exciter to transport materials along the conveyor direction. It is suitable for the transportation of small and medium-sized materials.

inertial vibrating conveyor
inertial vibrating conveyor

Five Characteristics Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Conveyor

The mechanical structure of the electromagnetic vibrating conveyor adopts a double-mass longitudinal balanced resonance system, and the main elastic element is a cylindrical helical spring. Therefore, it is lighter and has a longer conveying distance.

  • There are no parts with relative mechanical friction and no lubrication points.
  • The material has little wear on the machine slot during the conveying process.
  • The structure is simple and easy to install.
  • It basically eliminates the pollution to the environment during the conveying process and improves the working conditions.


The electromagnetic vibration conveyor system is a device that generates vibration force through an electromagnetic vibrator to transport materials in the conveying pipeline. The equipment has strong vibration force, low noise, and is suitable for long-distance material transportation. It can be widely used in the transportation of powdered and granular materials in metallurgy, coal, building materials, chemicals, glass, electricity, machinery, grain and other industries.