Four advantages of using bucket elevators in the grain and feed industry

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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator, also known as bucket conveyor or bucket elevator, is a mechanical conveying equipment used for conveying powder, granular, block and other materials in the vertical direction.

Advantages of Bucket Elevator Application in Grain and Feed Industry

Bucket elevator is a mechanical device with the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving, high transmission efficiency, high conveying height, and high reliability. It is widely used in grain, feed, chemical fertilizer, ore and other industries, and is mainly used for vertical conveying of materials. The advantages of using bucket elevators in the grain and feed industry will be discussed in detail below.

1. High efficiency and energy saving

The bucket elevator has the characteristics of high efficiency and energy saving. The conveyor belt is in the form of a tapered bucket, which can automatically grasp the material and lift the material from the lower inlet to the upper outlet for unloading. When unloading, the bucket elevator can keep the material flowing, reduce the spilling and leakage of the material, avoid wear and energy waste, and achieve high efficiency and energy saving.

2. Long conveying distance

The bucket elevator has a strong conveying capacity in the vertical direction and can convey materials within a certain distance. According to statistics, the conveying height of the bucket elevator in the grain and feed industry can reach more than 50 meters, which greatly increases the conveying distance, which is conducive to improving production efficiency and saving production costs, especially for some high-rise or long-distance conveying applications. The hoist can show its superiority even more.

3. Strong adaptability

The bucket elevator can adapt to the conveying requirements of various materials, and adopts different bucket shapes, conveying speeds and transmission modes to meet the conveying requirements of various materials. For the grain and feed industry, different materials have different physical and chemical properties, so the requirements for conveying equipment are different, and the bucket elevator can meet the needs of conveying a variety of materials, such as grain, feed, corn, wheat, Soybeans, etc., have strong applicability.

Bucket elevator
Bucket elevator

4. Easy maintenance

The bucket elevator is composed of a conveyor belt, a bucket, and a transmission mechanism. It has a simple structure and is easy to install and maintain. When the equipment breaks down, the conveyor belt and bucket can be repaired and replaced only by removing the upper cover of the transmission mechanism. Compared with other conveying equipment, bucket elevator has low maintenance cost and high efficiency, which is very important for the production of grain and feed industry.

In conclusion

Grain and feed enterprises use bucket elevators to transport materials, which not only improves their production efficiency and increases output value, but also has the advantages of energy saving and convenient maintenance, which can save production costs for enterprises and enhance their image and reputation.