How to choose the right vibrating feeder in 2022

Why choose the right vibrating feeder

Some customers think that any vibrating feeder can be used, there is no difference between good and bad, and there is no need to consider and choose.

The selection of the vibrating feeder should be based on a reasonable analysis of the site conditions. Such as material density, moisture, particle size, feeding amount, installation space, etc. Comprehensively analyze the site conditions, and select the vibrating feeder that is suitable for site use. A correct choice is more than a hundred times your future efforts!

How to choose a suitable vibrating feeder?

Material properties

Material properties of the feed. According to the material characteristics, choose the appropriate mine vibrating feeder and related accessories. For example, if the ore block is too large and the diameter is greater than 800mm, a heavy-duty vibrating drawer should be used.

Environmental protection

Whether the vibrating feeder meets the requirements of environmental protection. In today’s society, environmental protection can be described as a major problem in the ore mining industry. In areas with high environmental protection requirements, it is necessary to do a good job of dust prevention, such as soft link seals, or installation of spray devices and other equipment.

Quality and Durability

Quality and durability of vibratory feeders. The quality of the mine vibrating feeder has always been a problem of great concern to various manufacturers. The vibrating ore drawer is a stuck neck project in the entire production process. If the mine drawer is not easy to use, the entire production line will be stopped.

The cost of using a vibrating feeder

The quotation of a certain vibrating mine drawer is low, but the technology is backward, the motor power is large, the power consumption is large, the wear-resistant parts are easily damaged, and the maintenance cost is high;
The price of another vibrating mine drawer is slightly higher, but it has advanced technology, low motor power, a large feeder, low power consumption, and long service life for wear-resistant parts.

Under the concept of energy-saving priority, the first consideration is the electricity bill, the frequency of replacing the wear-resistant parts, and the maintenance cost of the equipment. This is a question that requires serious consideration.