3 Tips for the Use of Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeders

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vibrating feeder

Air gap adjustment between electromagnet core and armature

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder can meet the requirements of continuous production and has been widely used in various production links. The size of the air gap between the iron core and the armature in the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is generally required to be 1.9-2.2mm, and the equipment has been adjusted to the appropriate position before leaving the factory. However, the air gap will change in size during use. If it is not adjusted in time, it will cause damage to the equipment. In daily use, it should be checked and adjusted frequently.
  • The size of the air gap of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder should meet the requirements of the amplitude of the feeder, avoid exceeding the rated range of the equipment when it is not loaded and keep the two parallel to avoid a collision.
  • After adjusting the position of the connecting fork using the inspection screw, you can adjust the size of the air gap. Keep its flats parallel and clean, then tighten the bolts one by one.


vibrating feeder
electromagnetic vibrating feeder
  • When using the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, perform regular maintenance, check whether the screws are loose, whether it needs to add lubricating oil, etc.
  • During the operation of the equipment, if it is found that the feeder is loud and the operation is inflexible, etc., it is necessary to find out the reasons for such situations in time.
  • When using the electromagnetic vibrating feeder conveyor, pay attention to the feeding amount to prevent the material from clogging.

Use caution

before use

  • Read the duty records and deal with the remaining problems in the records;
  • Check whether the fasteners of the feeder are firm;
  • Carefully check whether there are other foreign objects that affect the operation of the GZ electromagnetic vibrating feeder between the body and the chute, spring, and bracket;


  • After inspection before use, the machine and rotation are normal before use;
  • It should be noted that the vibrating feeder can only be started without any load;
  • During use, if any abnormal phenomenon is found, the operation should be stopped immediately and restarted only after the abnormal situation is eliminated.

After use

  • The material can be loaded only after the vibrating feeder conveyor is running stably;
  • The amount of material used must meet the standard load requirements;
  • When it needs to be shut down after use, it must be carried out in strict accordance with the process sequence, and it is not allowed to continue feeding during or after the shutdown.