Structural Principles And Characteristics Of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

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The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a device used to feed block, granular or powdery materials from the storage bin or other storage equipment to the material receiving device evenly, continuously or quantitatively.

The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a kind of conveying equipment that implements the automation of flow operations. It is mainly driven by an electromagnetic exciter to feed materials into the assembly process evenly, quantitatively, and continuously.

The structure and working principle of electromagnetic vibrating feeder

Structure: The core structure of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder includes the feeding trough and the electromagnetic exciter. Electromagnetic-driven vibrating feeders have fewer moving parts than motor-driven vibrating feeders. It uses magnetic pulses provided by electromagnets to cause the tank to vibrate.

Working principle: The electromagnetic vibrating feeder vibrates the tank body through the magnetic pulse provided by the electromagnet. Material moves through controlled linear vibrations, creating jumping and throwing motions. The continuous reciprocating vibration of the tank enables the materials to be fed into the assembly process evenly and continuously.

vibrating feeder
vibrating feeder

Characteristics of electromagnetic vibrating feeder

  • The electrical control adopts half-wave rectifier electrical appliances, which can adjust the feeding amount steplessly and is suitable for automatically controlled production processes.
  • There are no rotating parts, no need for lubrication, simple structure and easy maintenance.
  • The electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses a trough made of alloy steel plates, which is suitable for conveying high temperature, severely worn or corrosive materials.
  • It can be used in the production process of automatic control to realize the automation of rectangular manual dampers and single-axis square dampers for power stations in the production process.
  • The material of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder is in a micro-throwing motion, so the material trough wear is small.


The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is small in size, light in weight, simple in structure and easy to install. It has been widely used in many industries, including metallurgy, coal, electronics, machinery, chemical industry, building materials, light industry and food.