Five Characteristics Of Inertial Vibration Hot Material Conveyor

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inertial vibrating conveyor

Vibrating conveyor is a kind of mechanical equipment commonly used for conveying materials. It is a material conveying equipment that uses vibration force to transfer granular and powdery materials from one point to another.

Vibrating conveyor is a continuous conveying machine that uses an exciter to vibrate the material trough, so that the material in the trough slides or throws in a certain direction.

Inertial vibrating conveyor belongs to a type of vibrating conveyor. It is a continuous conveying machine without traction components. It is mainly composed of bearing components, elastic elements and exciters. Inertial vibrating conveyor has the characteristics of simple structure, stable performance, easy installation and reliable operation.

Inertial vibrating conveyor system uses the principle of mechanical resonance to convey materials. The vibrating conveyor starts and stops quickly and smoothly. It has a long conveying distance, large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, low wear and tear, and small maintenance workload.

Inertial vibrating hot material conveyor is a long-distance conveying equipment with wind lock function. The machine is suitable for conveying various medium-sized granular materials with positive and negative dispersion and horizontal conveying (≤500℃) high-temperature and high-wear materials, such as drying hot slag, cement clinker, etc.

The inertial vibration conveyor uses two vibration motors as the excitation vibration source. Using the self-synchronization principle, the two vibration motors rotate in opposite directions, so that the balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor produces reciprocating vibration. Through the action of the main vibration spring and the guide leaf spring, the upper conveying trough is driven to vibrate, thereby achieving the purpose of conveying materials.

Vibrating Conveyor
Vibrating Conveyor

Five characteristics of inertial vibration hot material conveyor

  • Feature 1: long conveying distance, large conveying volume, low energy consumption, low noise, and no hot adjustment when conveying high-temperature materials.
  • Feature 2: simple structure, easy installation, small wear and tear, and small maintenance workload.
  • Feature 3: stable performance, reliable operation, fast and stable start and stop.
  • Feature 4: It can be fed and discharged at multiple points, with good vibration isolation performance, and can be used at the top and bottom of the warehouse.
  • Feature 5: Fully enclosed structure, when used as a horizontal material sealing and discharging machine, the wind locking effect is good.


The inertial vibration hot material conveyor is a general-purpose conveying machinery. In addition to being used in the cement industry, it can also be used in metallurgy, mining, chemical industry, power and other industries