Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder and Motor Vibrating Feeder

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Vibratory Feeder

There are essential differences between the electromagnetic vibrating feeder and the motor vibrating feeder. Today this article will introduce the differences.

Motor Vibratory Feeder
Motor Vibratory Feeder

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Excitation vibrating source

  • The electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses an electromagnetic exciter as a vibration source to drive the hopper to work. It is characterized by a small amplitude of 1.5-3mm and a high frequency. 3000 times/min (half-wave rectification) or 1500 times/min (frequency division after half-wave rectification), so the conveying speed is slow and the rigidity of the tank is required to be high.
  • The motor vibrating feeder is a kind of inertial vibrating feeding. The vibrating motor is used as the excitation source to drive the hopper to work. The amplitude: 2-5mm, frequency: 700-3000 times/min, so the structure is simple, and the installation and maintenance are convenient.
Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder
Electromagnetic Vibratory Feeder

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Relatively speaking, the application of motor vibrating feeder is more extensive. Since the maintenance cost of vibrating motor is basically the same as that of ordinary motor, the maintenance cost of motor vibrating feeder is also lower.

Feed power

  • The electromagnetic vibrating feeder uses the electromagnetic head as the feeding equipment. The vibration frequency is high, the amplitude is small, and the feeding volume is large, but it is not easy to maintain. If there is a problem with the electromagnetic head, the feeder may be disabled.
  • The motor vibrating feeder is a feeding equipment with a vibrating motor as the vibration source. The vibration frequency is slightly lower than that of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder, but the amplitude is larger and the feeding volume is also larger. The later maintenance is relatively simple. If there is a problem, it can be replaced directly a vibration motor will do just fine.
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  • Electromagnetic vibrating feeder is suitable for powder feeding machinery;
  • The motor vibrating feeder is more suitable for feeding and conveying granular materials.

Working principle

  • The electromagnetic vibrating feeder is a relatively complete elastic system with dual-mass pad directional forced vibration. The whole system works in a low critical resonance state. It mainly uses the electromagnetic exciter to drive the trough to reciprocate at a certain inclination angle, so that the material along the trough move.
  • The vibrator of the motor vibrating feeder is composed of two eccentric shafts at specific positions meshed with gears. When assembling, the two gears must be meshed according to the marks. Driven by the motor, the two eccentric shafts are rotated to produce a huge composite straight line. The exciting force makes the body vibrate forcibly on the support spring, and the material is driven by the vibration to slide and throw on the chute, so that the material moves forward to achieve the purpose of feeding.

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