6 major functions of using inertial vibrating conveyor

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Vibrating Conveyor

A vibrating conveyor is a device that transports materials from one location to another. It uses vibration as the main driving force to push materials through pipes or solid surfaces to achieve the purpose of transportation.

Inertial vibrating conveyor is a kind of equipment that uses inertial force to realize material transportation. When the equipment is started, the material is pushed onto the sieve plate by the inertial eccentric force to achieve the purpose of material classification and grading.

6 major functions of using inertial vibrating conveyor

Inertial vibrating conveyor is a common material conveying equipment, which uses the inertial force of the vibrating motor to transmit the equipment, which can convey the material in a precise direction. The use of inertial vibrating conveyors can play the following roles.

Material transportation

The inertia vibrating conveyor is mainly used for material transportation, which can accurately transport various materials to the required position, and can also accurately classify and classify materials according to different particle sizes. At the same time, for the materials that are easy to agglomerate and solidify, it can effectively prevent the agglomeration and solidification of the materials while conveying, so as to ensure the real smoothness of material conveyance.

Material classification

The inertia vibrating conveyor can classify and classify materials according to particle size to achieve the purpose of sorting, so as to meet the needs of different fields. Material classification is very effective in many industries and fields, such as metallurgy, chemistry, construction, electric power and other industries. The inertia vibrating conveyor can be applied to the sorting of materials in various fields, different types of materials, powders, granules and other materials.

inertial vibrating conveyor
inertial vibrating conveyor

Material drying

During the conveying process, the inertia vibrating conveyor can use the material as a heat transfer medium, and volatilize the moisture of the material during the transfer process, so as to achieve the effect of drying the material. In some production lines that need to sterilize or dry materials, the inertia vibrating conveyor plays a very significant role.

Material screening

The inertia vibrating conveyor can screen materials according to the particle size or other physical properties of the materials according to the requirements of different customers, so as to screen out the materials that meet the requirements. Through such functions, materials can be screened according to different standards to achieve deep processing of materials.

Material processing assistance

When the material meets specific requirements, it can also help the processing process to achieve better quality and results. For example, in the sand and gravel production process, the use of combined inertial vibrating conveyors can effectively remove impurities in the material, thereby realizing the promotion and upgrading of sand and gravel products. It also plays an important role in some production sites.

Shorten the processing cycle

The efficient and stable operation of the inertial vibrating conveyor greatly improves the efficiency of material conveying, thereby greatly shortening the processing cycle, making the precise conveying of materials more handy, saving production costs, and promoting the rapid development of the industry.


Inertial vibrating conveyor is an important material conveyor system. It drives the equipment through the inertial force of the vibrating motor, and can realize various functions such as material conveying, sorting, screening, drying, etc., and is widely used in many fields..