Explanation of the 4 major selection points of the bucket elevator

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Bucket elevator

Bucket elevator, referred to as bucket elevator, uses chain or belt as traction force to realize vertical lifting of materials. Bucket elevator is a kind of mechanical conveying equipment mainly used in grain, oil, feed, chemical fertilizer, ore and other industries to realize the lifting and lowering of powdery, granular, small block and difficult-to-adhesive materials in a large vertical direction.

Bucket elevator is a commonly used continuous material conveying equipment, which is used to realize the conveying of materials with high lifting height.

The bucket elevator uses the closed ring-shaped bucket belt that surrounds and is tensioned on the head wheel and the bottom wheel as the traction component, and uses the bucket installed on the bucket belt as the material delivery component, and the material is conveyed through the continuous operation of the bucket belt. .

TD bucket elevator
TD bucket elevator

Selection points of bucket elevator

  1. Understand the type, particle size, moisture content, temperature and other characteristics of the material.
  2. Determine the specification of the selected bucket elevator according to the material conveying volume and lifting height, and on this basis determine the number of buckets required.
  3. Factors such as bucket elevator driving mode, structural form, and maintenance convenience are considered.
  4. Consider safety and service life, and consider it from the perspective of economic benefits.
    When choosing a bucket elevator, attention should be paid to its safety performance. If equipped with safety sensors and other measures, the safety of users can be better guaranteed.
  5. Select the appropriate bucket elevator model according to the specific requirements of the usage scenario. For example, if you need to carry heavy items, you should choose a model with a large enough carrying capacity.
  6. According to the actual function settings of different bucket elevators, select the appropriate settings, such as height adjustment, rotation, tilt, etc.

In conclusion

The principles and methods of selecting bucket elevators need to comprehensively integrate different factors. According to the characteristics of materials, conveying capacity and lifting height, driving mode and structure, safety and economy, etc., choose the bucket elevator that suits you. At the same time, for the selected bucket elevator, it is necessary to strengthen its daily maintenance and maintenance management to ensure its normal, safe and efficient operation, so as to improve production efficiency and economic benefits.