Describe The Four Major Structural Forms Of Screw Conveyors

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The screw conveyor is a general-purpose material conveying device, which mainly uses the thrust generated by the rotation of the screw blade to realize the transportation of the real material, and transports the material from the inlet to the outlet.

Screw conveyors are mainly suitable for the transportation of powdery, small and non-wet materials. They are widely used in modern industrial production, mainly in pharmaceutical, chemical, food, building materials, metallurgy and other industries.

Four Major Structural Forms Of Screw Conveyors

The structural form of the screw conveyor is mainly composed of a screw blade, a shaft, a reducer, an inlet, an outlet, and an intermediate support. .

Spiral Shaft Structure

The screw shaft is one of the main components of the screw conveyor. Under different material conveying conditions, screw shafts of different materials, different sizes and different screw structures are required. The screw shaft usually consists of a geometrically positioned steel shaft. Both ends of the steel shaft are equipped with reinforcing sleeves and bearings.

  1. The shape of the spiral blade: the shape of the spiral blade is different, and the material will be different. According to actual needs, various forms such as U-shaped, grooved and ribbed blades can be made.
  2. The pitch of the spiral blades: The pitch directly affects the conveying capacity, and the viscosity of the conveyed material will also affect it. The blade pitch of most screw conveyors is 1/2 to 1 blade diameter.
  3. The rotation speed of the screw shaft: the rotation speed is comprehensively determined according to the type of material to be conveyed, the horizontal length, the inclination angle, the size and shape of the rotor, etc.
Describe The Four Major Structural Forms Of Screw Conveyors
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The reducer is the transmission device of the screw conveyor, which converts the high-speed rotation of the motor into a low-speed rotation suitable for the screw shaft. There are many types of reducers, mainly including cylindrical reducer, helical gear reducer, worm gear reducer and planetary reducer.

Different reducers have different use effects and precautions. When designing a screw conveyor, a suitable reducer should be selected under actual conditions.

Inlet And Outlet

The screw conveyor is generally equipped with a material inlet and a material outlet. There are two common forms of the material inlet, one is up and down, and the other is forward and back. The outlet directly affects the final result of the entire conveying work. Multiple outlets and inspection ports can be installed as required for maintenance and operation.

The Middle Support

The main function of the middle support is to support the screw shaft, reduce its bending and deflection, and ensure the stability of operation. There are two types of intermediate support, fixed type and sliding type, which are related to the characteristics of conveyed materials and need to be selected according to specific conditions.


The structure of the screw conveyor is simple and the distribution is reasonable, and the different choices of each part of it affect the efficiency, safety and service life of the entire equipment.

The above mainly introduces the main components such as screw shaft, reducer, inlet and outlet, and intermediate support. According to the different application characteristics of this type of equipment, it can also be combined with other equipment and functions to form different combinations of screw conveyors.