Five Application Areas Of Belt Conveyor

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Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor is a continuous conveying equipment that uses flexible tape as material carrying part and traction part. According to the principle of friction, the transmission roller drives the belt to transport the material to the required place. The belt winds around the driving roller at the head and the redirecting roller at the tail, forming a stepless link belt.

The upper and lower belt sections are supported on the rollers, and the tensioning device gives the belt the tension required for normal operation. When working, the active roller drives the belt to run through the friction between it and the belt, and the material moves on the belt together with the belt.

Five Application Areas Of Belt Conveyor

As a common material conveying equipment, belt conveyor is widely used in mining, metallurgy, coal, cement and other industrial fields.Because of its large span, high conveying capacity, economical and practical characteristics, it has been widely used.

Coal Industry

Belt conveyors are widely used in coal mining, storage, transportation and other links in the coal industry. Its advantage is that it can transport various specifications of coal that are difficult to stack to designated storage areas or vehicles, which improves production efficiency and economic benefits.

Five Application Areas Of Belt Conveyor
Belt Conveyor

Steel industry

In the iron and steel industry, belt conveyors are mainly used in continuous casting production lines, sintering machine conveying strokes and other links. Taking the circular continuous casting machine as an example, through the belt conveyor, the billet can pass through multiple conveyors, and perform sorting, inspection and other operations according to different technological processes, which improves production efficiency and product quality.

Cement Industry

In the cement industry, belt conveyors are mainly used in raw material transportation, semi-finished product logistics transportation and other links. Through its high efficiency and energy saving features, the production capacity and efficiency of the cement production line are improved.

Port and terminal industry

In the port and terminal industry, belt conveyors are mainly used in port loading and unloading, warehouse transportation and other fields. The fast and stable delivery of goods through conveyors has greatly improved the logistics efficiency of ports and terminals and promoted economic development.

other fields

The belt conveyor is also widely used in petrochemical, metallurgy, fertilizer, food, chemical and other fields, because it can adapt to the transportation of various materials, save manpower and material resources, and improve production efficiency and product quality.


The belt conveyor has a simple structure, easy operation and high transportation efficiency. It is a transportation equipment widely used in various industrial fields.The belt conveyor is an efficient and energy-saving material conveying equipment. In different fields, belt conveyors play an irreplaceable role.