Four characteristics of hot material vibrating conveyor

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hot material vibrating conveyor

The vibrating conveyor is mainly a continuous conveying machine that uses a vibrator to vibrate the trough, so that the material in the trough slides or throws in a certain direction, so as to transport granular and powdery materials.

The vibrating conveyor is a kind of mechanical equipment used to convey materials. It mainly controls the conveying speed and conveying volume of materials by adjusting the vibration frequency and amplitude.

The hot material vibrating conveyor is a long-distance conveyor vibration system. It uses two vibrating motors as the excitation source. Using the principle of self-synchronization, the two vibrating motors rotate in reverse to make the balance frame at the bottom of the conveyor vibrate back and forth. With the function of the guide plate spring, the upper conveying trough is driven to vibrate, so as to achieve the purpose of conveying materials.

The hot material vibrating conveyor has a long conveying distance, a large conveying capacity, low energy consumption, low noise, and does not need to be emptied in a hot state when conveying high-temperature materials.

hot material vibrating conveyor
hot material vibrating conveyor

Four characteristics of hot material vibrating conveyor

  • Feature 1: High efficiency and energy saving—— The hot material vibrating conveyor can directly transfer heat to the hot material, has higher heat transfer efficiency and lower energy consumption, and can achieve the goal of high efficiency and energy saving.
  • Feature 2: Good stability——The hot material vibrating conveyor adopts mechanical vibration to keep the hot material and equipment in a state of constant change, avoiding the curing and agglomeration of the hot material, and ensuring the stability of the equipment.
  • Feature 3: Fast transmission speed——The hot material vibrating conveyor uses vibration force to quickly push the hot material along the conveying direction, so as to achieve a faster hot material vibrating conveying speed.
  • Feature 4: Automatic control-—–The hot material vibrating conveyor can be remotely controlled and monitored by an automatic control system such as a computer or PLC, which has higher production efficiency and precision.


The hot material vibrating conveyor is a device that vibrates and pushes the hot material forward along the conveying direction and heats it. It uses the vibration force and heat conduction to realize the conveying and heating of the hot material.

Hot material vibrating conveyor is a kind of efficient, stable and energy-saving material conveying and heating equipment, which is widely used in many industrial fields such as metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry and food.