What are the nine advantages of screw conveyors

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Five manifestations of screw conveyor application flexibility

The screw conveyor, commonly known as the auger, is a conveyor vibration system that uses a motor to drive the screw to rotate and push the material to achieve the purpose of transportation. Granular material or flake material, conveying material from one place to another.

Description of nine advantages of horizontal screw conveyor

The horizontal screw conveyor can convey materials horizontally, inclined or vertically, and has the advantages of long conveying distance, good continuity, high conveying efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, strong adaptability, simple structure, small size, stable operation and wide applicability. Let’s introduce these advantages one by one.

  • Advantage 1: Long conveying distance—-horizontal slow screw conveyor is suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined material conveying, and the conveying distance can reach hundreds of meters or even more than one thousand meters. Compared with other conveying equipment, the horizontal slow-speed screw conveyor can realize longer-distance material conveying, which can meet the needs of conveying long-distance materials in industrial production.
  • Advantage 2: Good continuity —- the conveying process of the horizontal slow screw conveyor is carried out continuously, which can realize stable material conveying. During the conveying process, the material will not be stuck, dumped, blocked, etc., thus ensuring the continuity of conveying. This is very important for some production lines that require continuous production.
  • Advantage 3: High conveying efficiency – —-the horizontal slow-speed screw conveyor adopts the design of spiral blades, which can transport materials from the inlet to the outlet, so as to realize continuous conveying of materials. The number and arrangement of blades determine the conveying capacity and conveying effect of the conveyor. Compared with other conveying equipment, horizontal slow screw conveyor has higher conveying efficiency.
  • Advantage 4: Energy saving and environmental protection—-horizontal slow screw conveyor adopts motor, reducer, sprocket, pulley and other transmission mechanisms to realize the transportation of materials. Compared with other transmission equipment, the energy consumption of the horizontal slow screw conveyor is lower, and the energy saving effect is remarkable. In addition, the horizontal slow-speed screw conveyor adopts a non-polluting conveying method, which will not pollute the environment.
  • Advantage 5: Strong adaptability —– the horizontal screw conveyor can adapt to the transportation of various materials, including powder materials, granular materials, sheet materials, etc. For viscous materials, the problem of adhesion can be solved by using special structures and materials. At the same time, the horizontal slow screw conveyor can adapt to different working environments, and can work in different environments such as high temperature, low temperature, and humidity.
  • Advantage 6: Simple structure – the structure of the horizontal screw conveyor is relatively simple, consisting of inlet, outlet, screw blade, transmission mechanism and other components. These parts are relatively simple to manufacture and install, and relatively easy to maintain and maintain.
  • Advantage 7: Small size —– the volume of the horizontal screw conveyor is relatively small, which can save the floor space and make the space utilization rate of the factory higher.
  • Advantage 8: Stable operation —– the transmission mechanism of the horizontal slow screw conveyor adopts sprocket or pulley transmission, and the speed is relatively low, which can ensure the smooth operation of the conveyor without excessive vibration and noise.
  • Advantage 9: Wide adaptability—–horizontal slow screw conveyor is not only suitable for horizontal or slightly inclined material transportation, but also for oblique transportation at a certain angle. In addition, the horizontal slow screw conveyor can also be used in combination with other conveying equipment to form a compound conveying system to meet more complex material conveying requirements.
screw conveyor
screw conveyor

In summary

Horizontal screw conveyor is a powerful conveying equipment that can meet different material conveying needs. It has many advantages and can play an important role in industrial production to meet the needs of material conveying. At the same time, in order to better play the role of the horizontal slow screw conveyor, it is also necessary to pay attention to the selection of appropriate models, reasonable installation methods and maintenance methods.