Top 6 Feature And Working Principle Of Motor Vibration Feeder

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vibrating feeder

The motor vibrating feeder is used to feed lumpy, granular and powdery materials from storage silos or other storage equipment to the receiving equipment evenly, continuously or quantitatively. It is suitable for automatic batching, quantitative packaging and automatic control. .

The motor vibrating feeder uses a vibrating motor as the vibration source, and its speed and power are highly controllable. By controlling the motor’s speed and transmission power, the feeding amount of this series of motor vibrating feeders can be quantitatively controlled, so that it can be used in actual production. becomes very convenient.

Working Principle Of Motor Vibration Feeder

The feeding process of the motor vibrating feeder is realized by using a special vibration motor to drive the feed trough to make periodic linear reciprocating vibrations in the inclined direction. When the vertical component of acceleration of the vibration of the feed trough is greater than the acceleration of gravity, the materials in the trough will It will be thrown up and jump forward according to the trajectory of the parabola. The throwing and falling are completed within 1/50 seconds. Due to the continuous excitation of the vibration motor, the feeding trough continues to move, and the materials in the trough continue to move forward. , the purpose of feeding has been achieved.

vibrating feeder
vibrating feeder

Top 6 Feature Of Motor Vibration Feeder

  1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure;
  2. Easy installation and maintenance, low operating costs;
  3. High efficiency and large feeding capacity;
  4. low noise, is conducive to improving the working environment;
  5. Low power consumption and high power factor;
  6. After adding the motor speed controller, it is not necessary to adjust the eccentric block to adjust the feeding amount steplessly within a certain range.


Motor vibrating feeder are widely used in various industries such as mining, metallurgy, coal, thermal power, refractory, glass, building materials, light industry, chemical industry, machinery, and food. The motor vibrating feeder can be used to feed belt conveyors, vibrating conveyors, bucket elevators, crushers, vibrating screens, pulverizers and other equipment, and can be used in automatic weighing, quantitative packaging, and automatic control processes. Realize the automation of flow operations.