vibrating conveyor

Vibrating Conveyor

How To Choose The Vibrating Conveyor Correctly

Vibrating conveyors are devices that use vibrational force to transport materials. They convey materials along a trough or pipeline by mechanical vibrations generated by a vibration generator. Vibrating conveyors are typically used to transport bulk materials from one point to another and can be used for horizontal conveying, inclined conveying, or vertical lifting.

vibrating conveyor

12 Requirements for Vibratory Conveyor Installation

The carrier is a trough-shaped or tubular vibrating trough. During the vibration process, energy is transferred to the material to make a continuous throwing motion along the conveying direction. The carrier is a vibrating body and needs to have sufficient rigidity and strength. The vibration-damping support device is both a support device for the whole machine and a vibration-damping device.