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Vibrating Conveyor

How To Choose The Vibrating Conveyor Correctly

Vibrating conveyors are devices that use vibrational force to transport materials. They convey materials along a trough or pipeline by mechanical vibrations generated by a vibration generator. Vibrating conveyors are typically used to transport bulk materials from one point to another and can be used for horizontal conveying, inclined conveying, or vertical lifting.

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3 Differences Between Vibrating Conveyor and Belt Conveyor

With the development of automatic production operation requirements, the application scope of auxiliary equipment in ore production lines is becoming wider and wider. Vibrating feeders and belt conveyors are two of the most important connecting equipment. They have certain similarities, and can be matched with processing equipment according to the process needs to form a rhythmic assembly line. But they are very different in terms of use, structural composition, working principle, etc.

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5 keys to use and pay attention to trough vibrating conveyor

The DZS30-400 motor vibration conveyor uses the vibration of the trough to quickly transfer the materials in the trough from the inlet to the outlet. It can be used to convey various materials in the form of blocks, granules or powder, room temperature or high temperature .